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What you need to completely understand current and future events and take action, fast

Metis is honored to be helping organizations with their Covid-19 planning and decision-making.

Is Your Organization Drowning in Data?

The sheer volume of data that could be relevant to an investigation is simply too much for any analyst or agency to quickly and efficiently locate and analyze. It’s practically impossible to find and make sense of the role that each and every person, connection, and activity plays in an incident, past, present or future, but METIS can.

METIS Makes Sense of Everything, Quickly, Efficiently, at Scale​

The METIS Augmented Predictive Intelligence Platform automates the collection, normalization, enrichment, analysis and resolution of unlimited relevant data points that reveal the full extent of past incidents and help accurately anticipate and predict future risks. METIS can take it all – video, audio, correspondence, social media posts, satellite images, and other databases – and make sense of it to thoroughly expose criminal activity and identify emerging threats. 

Answers the Questions You Have & Those You Didn’t Even Know You Should be Asking

Metis reveals


What’s Happening

Instantaneously collects and thoroughly analyzes all your data to answer all your “who, what, when, where, and why” questions, at a speed and depth never before possible. If there is a needle in a haystack, METIS will find it, so you have all the details for your investigation.


What’s Missing

Reveals what you don’t know how to find or may not even know to look for. Continuously finds evidence, targets, secrets and meaning in the data that investigators should be aware of – based on your data, METIS tells you what else you should be looking at.


What's Next?

Anticipates new threats, looking for significant changes, emerging patterns, or behaviors that could indicate an imminent threat. METIS models past events and uncovers all relevant data points to give you fully formed insights into what might be next.

The Metis Difference

Insights You Can Count On

Get Optimal Outcomes, Fast

Provides all the data and intelligence needed to close cases, shut down fraud, and stop criminal activity.

Achieve Early Warnings

Proactively identifies potential risks to enable teams to get ahead of threats and address them before they can do any damage.

Empower Your Team

Accelerates and amplifies the work of analysts and intelligence teams, uncovering answers to the questions they have and those they didn’t even know they should be asking.

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