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Al-Powered Analytics Platform for Modern Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Security Organizations

Is Your Organization drowning in Underexploited Data?

In today’s organizations, the sheer volume of data that could be relevant to resolve an investigation, mitigate a security threat, or identify a crime pattern, is simply too much for an analyst or investigator to locate and analyze quickly and efficiently. The METIS Next Gen AI-powered Data Analytics Platform can do so promptly while identifying the role that each person, connection, and group plays in an activity or incident; past, present, and even future.

METIS Makes Sense of Everything, Quickly, Efficiently, at Scale​

METIS provides organizations with a “decision advantage” by continuously analyzing structured and unstructured data from all available sources – audio; video, still capture, and other visual images; digital forensics, documents; geo-location; meta-data; incident & case management systems; social media & open source; internal and external databases; and other sources – thoroughly exposing emerging threats, criminal activity, and security vulnerabilities.

Answers the Questions You Have & Those You Didn’t Even Know You Should be Asking

Metis reveals


What’s Happening

Instantaneously answers the “who, what, when, where, how and why” questions typically hidden in the organization’s big-data holdings and collections by integrating, fusing and thoroughly analyzing all available data at a speed and depth never before possible. 


What’s Missing

Reveals what you don’t know and provides insights into what you should be looking for based on your data. METIS continuously searches and alerts professionals of potential targets, networks, associations, and behaviors, providing insights that can guide decision making.


What's Next?

Anticipates new threats, looking for significant changes, patterns, anomalies, or unusual behaviors that could indicate the emergence of an imminent threat, security vulnerability, or criminal event. METIS models past and present events to uncover all relevant data points and give organizations fully formed insights to anticipate what could be next.


Insights You Can Count On

Get Optimal Outcomes

Connects the dots and provides insights needed to respond to emerging threats, security vulnerabilities, and criminal activities at a speed never seen before.

Achieve Early Warnings

Proactively searches for and identifies emerging internal and external threats, potential risks, and criminal activities so that security, intelligence, and investigative professionals can anticipate and address them before they can cause harm.

Empower Your Team

Accelerates and amplifies the work of analysts and investigators by building a virtual intelligence library based on their experience and expertise, to quickly find answers to the questions they have, but also reveal answers to questions they didn’t know they should be asking.

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