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Our team

Natan Bandler

Founder & CEO

Natan Bandler is a cyber-security and technology entrepreneur, software engineer, business development leader and communication protocols expert across many domains including military, internal security, infrastructure protection, intelligence and public safety. He is one of the few people in the industry with extensive experience and expertise in both “offensive and defensive cyber” protection operations, and relevant business experience to bring state of the art and tip-of-the-spear technology products to the global market. His passion is to develop unique, cutting-edge, and useful security technologies that are empowered by AI and accessible to all size organizations.

Daniel Moscovici

CoFounder and COO

Daniel is a cyber-security entrepreneur, product management, marketing, communication technologies, and R&D management expert. Daniel is responsible for overseeing METIS global operations to ensure all internal and external stakeholders are maximizing their potential and receiving appropriate support to deliver effective products to global clients. Over the past 25 years, he has held multiple senior level positions in world leading security and infrastructure protection companies, working with the top global enterprises to deliver innovative, successful and cutting-edge technology products across the globe. He also holds a B.Sc degree in Communications Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University and M.B.A from Kellogg.

Gal Nir

Vice President – Sales and Business Development – METIS Global Headquarters

Gal brings over 25 years of experience in the Defense and Intelligence domain with a proven track record for increasing company growth, streamlining deal-closures and opening new market opportunities in Western & Eastern Europe, North America, LATAM and APAC. Gal joined METIS in 2022 and has executive oversight of all global sales and business development of the company, as well as setting up the commercial infrastructure that will enable METIS to successfully penetrate and capture the North American market. Before METIS, Gal worked for leading Israeli industries in key international sales, business development and business operations positions.

Asaf Dagan

Vice President – Product and Solutions – METIS Global Headquarters

Asaf is an experienced product management executive, with vast experience in big-data analytics in the AI domain. Asaf’s is a subject matter expert in turning complex analytical challenges into intuitive and simple to use products to be used mostly by intelligence agencies, law enforcement and public safety agencies, including municipal level police departments. Asaf has a proven track record in product management in the public sector, where he served for 16 years in one of the world’s leading Intelligence agencies, as well as the private sector where he spent the last 5 years as an Executive Product Manager in several leading AI and big-data analytics companies.


Raviv Barak

Vice President – Intelligence Innovation – METIS Global Headquarters

Raviv is a senior intelligence analyst with over 30 years of experience in various domains including but not limited to financial crime, political, military and economics. During his career, he has combined managing intelligence and data analytics with information systems, product management, and the development of new and innovative methods to enhance analytical processes with the use of AI. Raviv is responsible for driving innovation at METIS to ensure the company continues to be a leader in AI driven analytics and be on the cutting edge of emerging technologies to solve complex problems across multiple venues to include National Security, Public Safety, and institutional security.

Joseph J. Lestrange, PhD

Executive Vice President – Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer – METIS North America

Dr. Lestrange, the newest member to our executive team, is an experienced global leader, responsible for overseeing all business operations for the recently launched METIS North America. This includes strategic planning, business development, marketing, product innovation and public relations functions as well as the establishment of key lateral and joint business partnerships. He is also a Research Fellow at the Future Policing Institute – Center on Policing and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to joining METIS, he served the U.S. Government in multiple leadership roles, including Senior Agency Official to the U.S. Council on Transnational Organized Crime, created by President Biden to develop “whole of government” solutions to complex national challenges. He retired two years ago as Division Chief of Public Safety and National Security for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Headquarters, where he provided global executive oversight of multiple interdiction, investigation, and intelligence units; agency programs, inter-agency operations and technology initiatives including the strategic development of an AI driven, big data analytics framework across the entirety of the Department of Homeland Security’s law enforcement and security portfolio.

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