Your Most Complex Problems Solved Today!

You no longer need a big team, budget, or timeline to benefit from AI. Metis puts the power of AI-augmented intelligence at your fingertips, allowing you to conduct automated, exhaustive investigations that help you quickly and efficiently understand and solve your most complex problems in real time.

Redefining What’s Possible with Complex Investigations

When investigating an issue or event, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to find the information you need, particularly when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for or where you are most likely to find it. Metis can put all your data to work for you, automatically uncovering anything that’s relevant to your investigation in real time to ensure you have all you need to determine next steps with speed and confidence.

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Time Saving

Case that will take 8 detectives to solve in 10 months will take the system 3 hours.

Powerful Platform Making AI Accessible for All

The Metis AI-Investigative Platform combines advanced AI with specific domain expertise to deliver augmented intelligence that anyone can use to investigate their most complex problems fast.

Easy to use, enterprise-grade AI tools

Metis puts the most advanced AI technology at the fingertips of everyone in your organization, so issues can be investigated and resolved faster and smarter than ever before.

Automated complex investigations

Metis uses domain specific AI playbooks to comprehensively investigate complex issues, documenting the logic of all tactics and origin of all findings to support any audits, prosecutions, or additional analysis you may need to do in the future.

Real-time insights from all your data

Metis takes any data source, in any format, to uncover the pertinent intelligence, relationships, patterns, networks, sentiment, and routines you need to get a 360° view of the issue or problem.

Maintenance Check mark

Augmented, predictive analysis

Metis can help you identify, based on past events and relevant data points, what might be next, to support proactive actions and remediations.

The Benefits of Metis

Resolve more issues, faster

Accelerate investigations to solve more problems faster than ever before possible.

Be data-driven

Give everyone the data they need to make the right decision, at the right time, to be successful.

Increase productivity

Amplify everyone’s work to get more done with the same team and improve overall satisfaction.


To make advanced AI accessible for all, Metis tailors its augmented intelligence to meet the specific investigative needs of different industries, providing off-the-shelf AI playbooks that support different use cases. This targeted approach enables these organizations to quickly adopt and immediately benefit from the Metis AI-Investigative Platform – with no training, no downtime. Metis offers 3 solutions / Products to the "Public Safety"

Automated Crime Resolver – Either Crime to suspect or Suspect to Crime. ( Closed Solution)

This Product is a "All-in-one" Built-in "play book" mimicking numerous professional detectives and analysts that can solve 90% of existing cases (smash & grab, drags, human traffic, Frauds, money laundering, home invasion, shooting incidents etc…) in real time to close the case and apply for a warrant. Required inputs - case data including: Location, time, incentive plus any additional information that police has access to (cameras, license plates, cellular data , social media etc…) As Simple As 1..2..3… Upload Data, Metis Automated Crime Resolver, Warrant / case closed.

Automating investigations to uncover early warning signals of threats (Extremists or groups leaning towards crime or violence). This is also an "All in one" (Predefined / Locked) solution / Product that can reveal early warning , can prioritize threats and convert real time threats to physical environment such as ; minorities, Campuses, Kids over the net, large organizations. The only inputs required by the system is the type of threat and geographical area. The system typically uses social media and public data.

Designed for professional teams that want to tailor an automated augmented AI solutions defining their own questions and interest using in-house teams. This is a the most comprehensive solutions that Metis offers with maximum analytical tools and endless directions…

Uncovering Metis

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See for Yourself the Power of the Metis Platform


The METIS Next Gen AI-powered Data Analytics Platform is relied on by agencies and organizations around the world who need to make sense of their data to understand fast-moving situations and proactively mitigate emerging threats, reduce crime, and enhance public safety. 

The cutting-edge technology, suitable for all size law enforcement, public safety and security organizations, democratizes the use of innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, to answer the most complex intelligence questions.

By using the METIS platform agencies and organizations can optimize resources and data to generate real-time, actionable intelligence and achieve optimal outcomes in a fraction of the time normally required. 

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