Smartly Harness All Your Data to Complete Investigations Quicker, Easier, and Better than Ever Before

The Metis AI-Investigative Platform combines advanced AI with specific domain expertise to deliver automated, augmented intelligence that anyone in your organization can use to investigate and address your most complex problems.

Track Record of success

Metis portfolio includes 4 platforms that already works for several years around the globe


Open platform with unlimited opportunities designed for professionals


Pre-Defined platform addressing mainly post mortem data ready to Solve


On-going monitoring on pre-defined threat in a region resulting in Real Time Alert


A unique combination of the Investigator and the Predictor, the Threat is defined by the system

Join Metis & Choose a Platform that works for You Today !


The METIS Next Gen AI-powered Data Analytics Platform is relied on by agencies and organizations around the world who need to make sense of their data to understand fast-moving situations and proactively mitigate emerging threats, reduce crime, and enhance public safety. 

The cutting-edge technology, suitable for all size law enforcement, public safety and security organizations, democratizes the use of innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, to answer the most complex intelligence questions.

By using the METIS platform agencies and organizations can optimize resources and data to generate real-time, actionable intelligence and achieve optimal outcomes in a fraction of the time normally required. 

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