Success Stories


METIS Intelligence helped one of our clients to solve s string of bank robberies by exploiting a cell phone after an unrelated arrest of John DOE. The digital forensics data taken from the phone was run through the METIS software and identified what appeared to be a code word, “TIGER” in a handful of What’s app conversations, because the word was out of context with the conversation. After this discovery, the METIS team then searched for the location of the individual at the time the code word was used, based on geolocation data and found that each time he used the word “TIGER” he positioned outside of a local bank. Further inquiries by METIS through the agency Records Management System (RMS) and Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) system revealed that all five of these bank locations had been robbed in the past several months.

Looking at the information more closely, the code word “TIGER” was used 5 minutes before the robbery each time. METIS was then used to query the CCTV video footage both inside and outside of the banks that were robbed using facial recognition and identified a positive match with the John DOE who had been arrested on an unrelated assault. The METIS software quickly identified John Doe as an individual that walked through the bank a few minutes before the robberies took place and was also captured outside the bank at the time the code word was used, and while the robberies took place. With this unexpected discovery, the police immediately had a suspect in these unsolved robberies, and it was obvious to them he was a lookout for the bank robberies.

After some additional investigation, and continued inquiries using the METIS system, the police were able to identify three accomplices of the five robberies, using additional technologies such as pattern of life software. The police agency was able to arrest and charge John DOE and the three previously unidentified individuals for the 5 unsolved bank robberies. But the case didn’t stop there, since the METIS system now was able to identify a pattern from the data, as well as the group involved in this pattern, the METIS team of virtual analysts at the request of the police agency expanded the search to the neighboring jurisdictions and found two additional bank robberies with the same subjects of investigation.  


METIS Intelligence helped another client solve a cartel-based high-end grand larceny ring that was suspected of stealing high-end pick-up trucks and exporting them to Mexico for use by the Drug Cartels. The city had been experiencing a high level of thefts of these high-end pick-up trucks and based on internal source information, believed the vehicles were being shipped to Mexico on the black market.  The METIS team quickly deployed its team of virtual analysts to search through all the available data.

As a first step, METIS quickly reviewed all the RMS data in the police agency’s system and discovered a that a majority of the vehicles were stolen from one neighborhood outside the downtown area. The METIS team then conducted a search through the city’s LPR camera system, based on information from the police reports and detected a dozen of the stolen vehicles had used a particular transit route along a major highway, and terminated in a warehouse location several miles from where the vehicles had been stolen.

The METIS team then conducted additional queries to see if it could find any photo captures along the route used in conjunction with the LPR captures of the stolen vehicles. Shortly after the query, the METIS system got an alert that one of the LPR captures had been at a gas station with a CCTV camera close to the warehouse  area.

The METIS virtual analysts immediately began to run facial recognition against the police agency database of mugshot photos and got a hit for a man previously arrested for car theft exiting the stolen vehicle and pumping gas. A short while later, the METIS system got another hit of the same individual from a CCTV camera close to the area where the truck had been stolen only a few minutes later.

Lastly, the METIS system then queried asset registries in the warehouse area to see I there were any properties owned by suspected or known cartel associates. It came up with an address of an automobile repair shop in the warehouse area under the name of a man who was previously identified in a police intelligence report as a Cartel associate.

The police agency after following up with surveillance and some other investigative steps was able to use this information to arrest the driver, and conduct a search warrant at the warehouse location, leading to the discovery of several stolen vehicles on the lot being prepared for shipment to Mexico by container.  Three additional individuals were arrested and charged. Investigation continues. 


METIS Intelligence assisted a police agency with a series of smash-and-grab robberies occurring in a downtown area of the city. During one of the robberies of a jewelry store, one of three suspects, all of whom were masked, dropped their cell phone.

After they fled the scene, police recovered the cell phone and conducted a digital forensics and document exploitation exam using a Cellebrite device and uploaded the report to the METIS system. Within minutes multiple helpful pieces of evidence were found that helped detectives solve the case quickly.

The METIS platform immediately discovered dozens of Bluetooth uplink connections between the phone and a white BMW M3 and using its object recognition software, matched this make, model and color with the CCTV feed outside the jewelry store with the make and model of the car used in the crime.

METIS was then deployed to search LPR captures in the vicinity of the jewelry store robbery and captured a plate number on the same make and model car in the local vicinity around the time of the crime.

Additionally, METIS surfaced dozens of photos and geo-tags found on the seized phone as well as several WhatsApp conversations between the suspect phone and three other individuals talking about plans to rob several luxury stores in the city’s shopping district. These conversations included photos of the items they wanted to rob, the store locations, and even a fence operation with a local pawn shop from previous suspected robberies.

Upon this discovery, the METIS platform was tasked to review this data in comparison to the client’s RMS and quickly identified that these geo-tags matched the locations of several other unsolved smash and grab robberies that had been committed over the past few months.

Based on the times, dates and locations the photos were taken, detectives now had evidence of what they believed to be surveillance and planning of the robberies, as well as phone numbers of the suspected accomplices.

The METIS platform also found photos of multiple vehicles including a white Cadillac Escalade with four young males taking photos outside of it only an hour before the most recent robbery.

METIS immediately did an object recognition search on the individuals and discovered they were wearing the same clothing that was captured on CCTV outside the location of the jewelry store robbery, based on a match of monogrammed hoodies and red Air Jordan sneakers.

METIS then processed the video of these four individuals using AI facial recognition software and identified four matches in the police agency’s mugshot database, all having previous arrests and also documented membership with the Bloods gang.

The police were able to seek arrest warrants for the four individuals, charging them with multiple smash and grab robberies.

The timeline to gather the evidence of this case took the METIS platform a handful of hours, where normally, this type of investigation would have taken multiple Detectives several weeks.

See for Yourself the Power of the Metis Platform


The METIS Next Gen AI-powered Data Analytics Platform is relied on by agencies and organizations around the world who need to make sense of their data to understand fast-moving situations and proactively mitigate emerging threats, reduce crime, and enhance public safety. 

The cutting-edge technology, suitable for all size law enforcement, public safety and security organizations, democratizes the use of innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, to answer the most complex intelligence questions.

By using the METIS platform agencies and organizations can optimize resources and data to generate real-time, actionable intelligence and achieve optimal outcomes in a fraction of the time normally required. 

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