Asaf Dagan

VP Products

Asaf is an experienced Product Management Executive, with vast experience in the AI Analytics domain. His expertise is turning complex analytics structures into successful simple to use products, mainly in the Intelligence Agencies and Police Departments domain.


Asaf Served in the Mossad for more than 15 years, in various roles.
Started as a black-ops Intelligence officer, moved on as an intelligence systems’ Product Manager, ending his service as Chief Product Manager and Group Manager of the Sigint Analytics Group. Directly managing 3 complete R&D teams (engineers, Product and QA), total of 21 employees.
After his service, Asaf worked for various companies in the private sector, in the Intelligence Systems domain.
As a Senior Product Manager at Digital clues (Osint analytics company, acquired by Cellebrite), Asaf led the company’s flagship product – the Profiler.
The Profiler was a simple to use, yet complex behind the scenes product, that allowed Digital Clues to transition the business from tier 1 government intelligence agencies, to tier 2 and 3, including police departments.
In 2020, Asaf took on a position as Head of Product at NSO, AI & Analytics group.
The group developed an innovative AI based flagship product that was rejected by the market, due to the product’s complexity.
Asaf took on the challenge and transformed this product into an 8-digit yearly business, with high-end intelligence agencies and Police Departments clients.
Asaf is also a former Lieutenant in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

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