Daniel Moscovici

COO & Co-Founder

A Visionary Leader in Technology and Innovation


At the intersection of entrepreneurship and technology stands Daniel Moscovici, a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in telecom, enterprise, and communications systems. As both an entrepreneur and visionary leader, Daniel has cultivated a career marked by innovation, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Daniel’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Currently, he serves as the co-founder of Metis, an AI-Powered Analytics Platform revolutionizing modern law enforcement, public safety, and security organizations. In his role, Daniel leads product development and general management initiatives, driving the company’s mission to
deliver next-generation solutions powered by artificial intelligence.
Prior to Metis, Daniel founded and successfully sold CYIOT, a venture-backed startup specializing in cybersecurity solutions for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. His visionary leadership and strategic acumen propelled CYIOT to success, culminating in a lucrative acquisition.

Before venturing into the world of startups, Daniel held key leadership roles at industry-leading companies. As Director of Product Management at Allot Communications, he played a pivotal role in developing and managing core products, including DPI platforms, Network Analytics, and Network Security. His tenure saw him forge strategic partnerships with global giants like Vodafone, driving product management efforts on an international scale.

Daniel’s journey into technology and innovation began with a strong academic foundation, earning a Bachelor of Science in Communications Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University.

He further honed his skills and business acumen, obtaining an Executive MBA from the prestigious Kellogg- Recanati School of Management at Tel Aviv University, in collaboration with Kellogg.

Throughout his career, Daniel has been driven by a passion for innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His ability to anticipate market trends, identify opportunities, and drive transformative change has cemented his reputation as a visionary leader in the industry.
As Daniel continues to chart new frontiers with Metis, his unwavering dedication to innovation and impact remains steadfast, inspiring those

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