Natan Bandler

CEO & Founder

Cyber Intelligence and Cybersecurity Entrepreneur, Business Development Leader, Big Data and AI Expert, Software Engineer, Communication Protocols Expert


A visionary entrepreneur and technologist with a rich background in cyber intelligence, cybersecurity, AI, and automation technologies. Founder & CEO of Metis-Intelligence, pioneering A.I automated investigation solutions that empower smaller entities with capabilities once reserved for superpowers. My career, spanning offensive and defensive cybersecurity realms, is dedicated to leading technological advancements that democratize AI and ensure global security.

Professional Experience

Founder & CEO, Metis-Intelligence

  • Developed groundbreaking cyber-intelligence A.I technology, transforming
    intelligence and investigative analytics for a broader range of organizations.
  • Negotiated and secured contracts with global government agencies, intelligence
    organizations, and defense contractors

CEO & Co-Founder, CYIOT

  • Led the creation of next-generation cybersecurity defenses, incorporating
    patent-pending software/hardware solutions to protect enterprise assets against
    attacks involving smart and connected devices across various connectivity types.
  • Achieved contracts with international banks, insurance companies and other
    enterprise companies.

Director of Product Management, Marketing & Business Development, Verint

  • Drove over $20 million in revenue within two years for a newly established
    division, leveraging actionable intelligence for real-time data analysis.

Founder, Accelerantia

  • Established a boutique consulting firm specialized in transforming the business
    development trajectory for cyber intelligence and enterprise software products.
  • Successfully penetrated new markets by identifying and securing early adopters
    for existing products, thereby setting a benchmark for innovative sales
  • Crafted and implemented scalable sales strategies, significantly enhancing sales
    performance and market presence for several client companies. This included
    developing sales procedure templates that became industry standards for
    launching products into new markets and achieving rapid sales growth.

Sales & R&D Management Roles, Nokia-Siemens & Atrica (acquired by Nokia)

  • More than doubled annual sales within a year and a half, achieving tens of
    millions of dollars in yearly deals.
  • Led a multi-country development team across Israel, Poland, and China,
    enhancing telecom infrastructure product sales in Western Europe.


  • MBA, Kellogg-Recanati Program, Tel Aviv University and Kellogg School of Management,
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, cum laude, Technion

Early Career and Military Service

  • Launched a pioneering IP anonymity and security company at 23, achieving a successful
  • Served in the elite 8200 cyber-intelligence unit of the IDF, specializing in groundbreaking
    technologies and engineering methods.


To revolutionize public safety and global security by making advanced AI and automation
technologies accessible to all intelligence agencies and law enforcement entities, thereby
enabling unprecedented analytical capabilities for public good. We believe that, following our
success in the public safety market, numerous other enterprise markets can similarly benefit
from our technology. In parallel, we aim to harness these technological advancements to drive
sustainable business growth, open new markets, and establish industry leadership in both the
public sector and beyond. This dual focus ensures that our mission not only contributes to a
safer world but also fosters innovation, competitiveness, and economic value across various

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