Tomer Pomerance


Seasoned AI and algorithms expert, top talent 8200 expert

Tomer brings vast experience and a proven track record of driving innovation, spearheading product development, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver tangible results. Coupled with a strategic mindset and strong leadership abilities, he has successfully led and guided teams to develop solutions that disrupt markets and drive business growth

Experience Details

Corporate Leadership in Research and Innovation:
Led research and innovation efforts within a corporate environment, Pioneered the exploration and adoption of emerging technologies, collaborated with cross-functional teams to translate research findings into actionable insights and innovative solutions, driving business growth and market differentiation.

Product Management

Directed product management defining product vision, strategy, and roadmaps aligned with market demands and customer needs.

Freelance Experience

Lead a freelance company collaborating with startups and enterprises
Engaged in end-to-end project management, from requirements gathering and solution design to implementation, testing, and deployment, ensuring client satisfaction and project success.
Leadership of Startup Technical Teams:
Led technical teams in several startups driving product development from conception to market launch.

Extensive Experience in 8200 Technical Unit

Served in a technical capacity within 8200 technical unit specializing in cutting-edge technologies and advanced cybersecurity solutions.

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