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Complete information and insights into past investigations and future events

A New Patented Approach to Investigations

The Metis Augmented Predictive Intelligence Platform helps you answer your investigative questions and uncover new and meaningful data points to thoroughly understand past criminal activity and better anticipate future events. The Platform fuses massive amounts of data from any collection source, in any format, structured and unstructured, and analyzes it, using proprietary, advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly answer any and all investigative questions, even those you didn’t know to ask.

How the Metis Platform Works


Fusion and Data Preparation

Using connectors, Metis collects all your information and starts combing through it to extract and index everything, such as faces, email addresses, company names, people, phone numbers, locations, and much more. Metis runs entity resolution algorithms on all this indexed information to find and fuse associated things into a single object. This makes it easy for you to understand everything that is related to an individual, group, place, or entity. 


Analyst Investigation Suite - Data Exploration

Metis ensures your inherent organizational knowledge and expertise is put to use, enabling you to explore, visualize and understand the data at their fingertips, in a matter of moments. Anyone can take what they know and ask a question to initiate an investigation. Metis then employs a variety of analytical, data science and visualization methods to answer that questions. Everything is uncovered, nothing is left out, in a matter of minutes.


Augmented Intelligence Suite – Predictive Analysis

Metis takes what has been uncovered and learned and automatically looks for other changes, connections, and patterns that may be meaningful. The Platform hones in on suspicious activity as it emerges and explores what the data could mean in relation to everything else that is known. It then suggests what else an investigator should know, be asking or looking for, so pre-emptive action can be taken to address emerging and imminent threats.


Workflow Management – Dashboards, Reports, Audit Logs

Metis makes it easy for analysts to manage the daily operations of their investigations. With Metis, it is simple to securely collaborate, monitor ongoing findings and audit investigations.

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