The Metis Investigator

Complete More Investigations Faster

Get a clear picture of what happened with automated investigations that methodically collect and analyze all your data to quickly and efficiently provide you all the evidence you need to confidently decide what to do next. ​

Investigate more situations in less time

It is impossible for anyone to uncover in real time all the potentially relevant pieces of information needed for an investigation and put them together in a way that supports swift decision-making around what to do next. Most organizations don’t have the data science expertise to effectively apply artificial intelligence (AI) to speed investigations; conversely most AI tools don’t have the specific investigative domain expertise needed to accurately identify what data is appropriate and how it all fits together. Metis solves both these deficiencies – combining AI and deep domain expertise to enable any organization to quickly and efficiently complete investigations with a level of detail and context never before possible.

Gain real-time insights from all your data

Metis automatically identifies and connects all the information relevant to your investigation hidden within your data to give you a thorough understanding of current issues or events. Metis can analyze any data in any format – social posts, web, satellite imagery, enterprise databases, devices, or systems, IoT, mobile, audio files, etc. – to quickly uncover meaningful data points, relationships, patterns, networks, and hidden routines that complete the picture of what is going on.

Leverage off-the-shelf AI-augmented intelligence playbooks to complete complex investigations fast

Metis puts the AI expertise and investigative domain knowledge you need to work for you. Using proven complex AI playbooks and algorithms, Metis automatically identifies and presents all the information in a way that ensures it is easy for you to make decisions and take action to resolve issues. All the logic used throughout the investigation is captured and documented, so you know exactly where it came from and why it is included and can support future audits, prosecutions, or additional analysis.

Metis Customers

Save time and resources

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Detectives cut the time it takes to investigate a case on average by 90% with Metis - going from months to hours.

Investigate more issues, faster than ever before

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Detectives typically close three times as many investigations with the same staff using Metis Investigator.

Reveal more from the same data

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Detectives often uncover 15% more evidence in their data than they did before Metis.


The METIS Next Gen AI-powered Data Analytics Platform is relied on by agencies and organizations around the world who need to make sense of their data to understand fast-moving situations and proactively mitigate emerging threats, reduce crime, and enhance public safety. 

The cutting-edge technology, suitable for all size law enforcement, public safety and security organizations, democratizes the use of innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, to answer the most complex intelligence questions.

By using the METIS platform agencies and organizations can optimize resources and data to generate real-time, actionable intelligence and achieve optimal outcomes in a fraction of the time normally required. 

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