The Metis Predictor

Prepare for What’s Next

Take advantage of specialized AI-augmented predictive intelligence that continuously monitors all your data to uncover significant changes that could indicate a risk or issue that you will want to monitor or address.

Gain a Decision Advantage

Trying to predict what’s going to be next is often nothing more than a guess, based on one or two data points or hunches. Metis changes this, applying specialized AI-augmented investigative techniques to continuously analyze all your data to identify and thoroughly document emerging threats, criminal activity, and security vulnerabilities. This gives you an advantage, helping you determine how best to prioritize resources and efforts to reduce risks and maximize long-term results.

Typical Data Sources

Social media and public sources

Internal and external databases



Using AI-based automated playbooks, this simple to use solution can monitor large groups of interest, perform automatic threat assessment that were pre-defined and provide warnings before things happen.

The product, initiate automatic data collection from social media, and automatically detect and monitor new group members, and assess their threat levels. The product is suitable for:  Extremists, Minority groups, Students as well as large organization headquarters and campuses, Kids over the net, Sport hooligans, cartels, Large groups leaning towards crime or violence and more. Users’ needs to define the type of threat and geographical area and let the virtual AI analysts constantly collect, monitor, assess and alert on millions of persons of interest

This product is Proactive and being used by a group that protects minorities in North America for early threat detections.

Augmented, Predictive Analysis Uncovers Hidden Threats

Finally, you have the AI-augmented tools you need to make sense of all your data and based on real time activities, uncover any significant changes, emerging patterns, sentiments, or behaviors that could indicate an imminent threat or risk that may not have been on your radar before.

Metis Customers

Metis documents everything, so you know exactly where the data came from and why it indicates a potential issue or event on the horizon. This gives you the details and context you need to support proactive actions and remediation that can address problems or stop incidents before they can cause harm.

Metis Customers

Cut costs

0 %

Customers were able to get ahead of issues and cut the costs of dealing with those problems by 70%.

Cut time

0 %

Customers reduced the time spent investigating suspicious activity or events by 80%.

Increase confidence

0 %


The METIS Next Gen AI-powered Data Analytics Platform is relied on by agencies and organizations around the world who need to make sense of their data to understand fast-moving situations and proactively mitigate emerging threats, reduce crime, and enhance public safety. 

The cutting-edge technology, suitable for all size law enforcement, public safety and security organizations, democratizes the use of innovative artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, to answer the most complex intelligence questions.

By using the METIS platform agencies and organizations can optimize resources and data to generate real-time, actionable intelligence and achieve optimal outcomes in a fraction of the time normally required. 

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